Wednesday, 18 November 2009

seven of nine costume

this party i just mentioned also had a theme... star trek!

being almost the only trekkie amongst my friends, i was worried that this theme would not work out so well, but i was wrong. lots of people showed up in great costumes, and i can only recommend it. the party was attended by counselor deanna troi, commander chekoteh, commander william t riker, many many vulcans (including an admiral), ensign kim, scotty, a trill, keiko o'brien, voyager's medical hologram, captain picard, a horta and lots of other aliens. it was great.

being the hostess i had to come up with a good costume too and i decided to be seven of nine.
looking around on the web for ideas, i found a great link with instructions on how to make this costume (here). however, i found the making of this costume using liquid latex rather involved, so i came up with my own version tricks. the final product might not look 100% movie-authentic, but it definitely looks pretty good.

(by the way, for the real seven of nine, take a look here)

what you need and what you need to do:

1. seven's hairdo:
that's easy, here's is a link on how you do the hair.

2. seven's clothes:
for seven's rather tight onesie, i just bought a dance leotard. they are not very expensive and available in all colours.

3. seven's hand (her borg exoskeleton and assimilation machinery):
to make seven's hand implants, i took a rubber glove from the lab. i put it onto my right hand (i'm a lefthander) and drew the outlines of seven of nine's implants onto the glove using a black markerpen. then i used silver acrylic paint to make it silver, and dried it with a hair drier so i could take the glove off. with the glove off, i cut out the bits that i did not need. (doing this, you just need to be careful that you leave enough connective elements in-between the lines that the whole thing still resembles a glove that you can take on and off)

4. seven's occular implant:
to make the occular implant, i drew a lifesize copy of seven's implant onto a rubber glove. then i cut out smaller bits of glove material and aluminum foil to add detail to the implant. whatever wasn't silver, i painted with the acrylic paint i mentioned above. for the corner bit (see picture), i used silver thread that i glued on. finally i glued on two halves of pushbuttons for the final detail and re-drew the contours using a black markerpen.
in order to stick this to my face, i glued plaster onto the back of the implant using the non-sticky side, so that i could then simply stick the plaster onto my eyebrow to attach the implant. it lasted all night.

5. seven's other facial implant (does anyone know what that's for?):
i cut that one out from aluminum foil and stuck a pushbutton onto it. then i glued plaster onto it like it did with the occular implant.

6. the star trek voyage communicator:
using silver and gold colour, i painted pieces of cardboard and cut out the shapes of the communicator, and stuck that onto my costume.

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you!! I have been searching the internet for Seven of Nine costume how-tos and ideas and this is BY FAR the most helpful thing I have come across!! And my Trekkie husband thanks you too for helping him end up with a Seven of Nine wife for Halloween :)