Sunday, 20 December 2009

top 10 worst gym exercises

:::::::::::::::::::::::MY TOP10 WORST GYM EXERCISES::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

1. jumping-lunges (body attack)... hurt like hell!

2. over-the head shoulder lifts using the bar (body pump)... hurt just as much!

3. single knees, but those jumping to the side (body attack)... hurt because the side motion is bad for the knees.

4. karate blocks (body combat)... do not hurt, but don't serve any purpose apart from posing.

5. planks (they appear in EVERY ****** CLASS!)... hurts the spine.

6. triceps overhead extensions (body pump)... hurt so much, but are really effective.

7. yoga triangle pose (body balance)... uncomfortable!

8. on the spot sprinting (body combat, body attack)... looks so stupid and does not really work.

9. fast round house kicks (body combat)... because there's not enough time to set them up and do them properly.

10. jump kick (body combat)... don't really know why.

Friday, 18 December 2009

i like my tee-vee

::::::::::::::::::::::::: TOP 10 OF MY FAVOURITE TV SHOWS:::::::::::::::::::::::::

1. battlestar galactica

2. lost

3. star trek deep space nine

3. the L word

4. house

5. scrubs

6. star trek voyager

7. star trek next generation

8. desperate housewives

9. lindenstrasse

10. die familie hesselbach

my favourite teas

::::::::::::::::::::TOP 10 OF MY FAVOURITE TEAS:::::::::::::::::::

1. good mood tea
a blend of mentha rotundifolia, raspberry, strawberry and blackberry leaves, sunflower petals and marigold. delicious. cheers me up every time.

2. oolong orange
semi oxidised, so it wakes you up but does not make you go too wild. great!

3. ginger, lemon and honey
ground fresh ginger with fresh lemon juice and honey. fights any cold.

4. verveine
dried verveine leaves give a delicous citrussy flavour.

5. greek mountain tea (tsai tou vounou)
another favourite. tastes even better with honey. or chilled in the summer.

6. st john's wort
need to calm down? this is your thing then.

7. yogi tea
strictly speaking not a tea, but a blend of spices. needs boiling for at least 10 minutes. mixed with some honey and (soy) milk, it's sooo good. and spicey!

8. chrysanthemum
it looks so lovely to have whole flowers floating in your tea.

9. japanese green tea
my favourite type is as green as grass. so fresh!

10. lemongrass
another citrussy favourite. makes great blends as well.

i could go on.. i must like tea a lot!

top 10 self-made xmas presents

i thought it would be fun to have regular top 10's on my blog.
here is the first one, just right for this season:


1. Make your own christmas tree ornament.
Very easy and fun! Get a plain Xmas tree ball from your favourite artsy-craftsy-shop (like this one here) and paint it using any type of paint you like. I just recently painted one with acrylic paint and then put a layer of glossy varnish over it. In order to paint it without making a mess, rest the ball onto a glass, paint the top side and dry it with a hair dryer, then turn it around. A picture of the final product is above.

2. Make your own painted crockery.
Sounds hard but it's not. There are shops (like this one in the UK) where they have unpainted crockery templates (bowls, mugs, plates, jewelery boxes, little figurines.. anything), as well as all the enamel paints you need. You just paint them there, they burn the crockery for you. Very nice!

3. Make your own christmas stocking.
Use all kinds of old material you have lying around, sew it together, done! A picture of two stockings I made is below.

4. Make your own lavender pillow.
My friend made the one on picture three, it's so nice! it now hangs in my wardrobe and makes my clothes smell nice.

5. Make your own candles.
Collect old candles and melt them in a pot. Buy candlewick and place it in your shape/glass/baking tin of choice. Tie the top of the candlewick to a match/stick that you balance across the top. Then fill in the wax. I've made some just recently, see below. i guess i could have made them a bit nicer by putting some die into the wax... next time around!

6. Make your own pine-wreath.
Buy pine twigs, tie them into a wreath with wire. Decorate with slices of dried orange, cinnamon sticks, ribbon, anything you like. It's much cheaper than bying the wreath and it's not too hard to make yourself.

7. Make your own mulled wine spice.
Buy empty tea bags (here), fill them with coriander, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and dried orange peel (half table spoons for a few litres of mulled wine) and wrap them nicely. your friends can then boil the teabag along with the red wine in a pot. yum!

8. Make stuff from salt-dough.
Salt dough is great because it's so easy to make (two cups of flour to one cup of salt and one cup of water). Makes any shape you like that you can then either air-try or bake in the oven. Then paint.

9. Make your own cookery book.
Got any favourite recipes??

10. Make your own Xmas CD.
Kind of lame but also nice.