Sunday, 20 December 2009

top 10 worst gym exercises

:::::::::::::::::::::::MY TOP10 WORST GYM EXERCISES::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

1. jumping-lunges (body attack)... hurt like hell!

2. over-the head shoulder lifts using the bar (body pump)... hurt just as much!

3. single knees, but those jumping to the side (body attack)... hurt because the side motion is bad for the knees.

4. karate blocks (body combat)... do not hurt, but don't serve any purpose apart from posing.

5. planks (they appear in EVERY ****** CLASS!)... hurts the spine.

6. triceps overhead extensions (body pump)... hurt so much, but are really effective.

7. yoga triangle pose (body balance)... uncomfortable!

8. on the spot sprinting (body combat, body attack)... looks so stupid and does not really work.

9. fast round house kicks (body combat)... because there's not enough time to set them up and do them properly.

10. jump kick (body combat)... don't really know why.

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