Friday, 18 December 2009

my favourite teas

::::::::::::::::::::TOP 10 OF MY FAVOURITE TEAS:::::::::::::::::::

1. good mood tea
a blend of mentha rotundifolia, raspberry, strawberry and blackberry leaves, sunflower petals and marigold. delicious. cheers me up every time.

2. oolong orange
semi oxidised, so it wakes you up but does not make you go too wild. great!

3. ginger, lemon and honey
ground fresh ginger with fresh lemon juice and honey. fights any cold.

4. verveine
dried verveine leaves give a delicous citrussy flavour.

5. greek mountain tea (tsai tou vounou)
another favourite. tastes even better with honey. or chilled in the summer.

6. st john's wort
need to calm down? this is your thing then.

7. yogi tea
strictly speaking not a tea, but a blend of spices. needs boiling for at least 10 minutes. mixed with some honey and (soy) milk, it's sooo good. and spicey!

8. chrysanthemum
it looks so lovely to have whole flowers floating in your tea.

9. japanese green tea
my favourite type is as green as grass. so fresh!

10. lemongrass
another citrussy favourite. makes great blends as well.

i could go on.. i must like tea a lot!

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