Wednesday, 27 January 2010

some ideas on how to throw a baby shower

a while ago, when two good friends of mine were pregnant, i threw them a babyshower. this is how i did it.

since it was a surprise party for the two pregnant ladies, the whole thing was quite relaxed, so no registering for expensive gifts or anything. everyone invited to the party simply brought a small gift along with them. the whole thing wasn't supposed to be tacky, but we had some tacky things just to have a laugh.

first of all, above is a picture of the invitation i sent. (i tried my best to make it look like my friends, but i am not a great cartoonist!)

the catering was quite easy, just tea and cakes. below is a picture of the pram-shaped cake i made. once you know a good sponge/biscuit recipe, it really is quite easy to make any kind of cake by simply cutting the sponge into shape. for chocolate flavoured cream, i simply melt a bar of chocolate (plus a little bit of sugar/vanilla extract) in a pot of whipping cream, chill it, and then whip it a few hours later. for raspberry/strawberry cream, blend the fruit along with some sugar/vanilla extract and then fold that into the whipped cream. so as you can see, the body of the pram was strawberry, the handle and roof chocolate flavoured, and the wheels kiwi.

while we were eating the cakes and having tea, the pregnant ladies could open the presents that the guests had brought. for entertainment after tea, i had organised a game/quiz. the guests divided up in teams of two people, and everyone got a little game-booklet (see below).

the baby-shower-game had several stations, all distributed throughout the house:
station 1 - guess how many jellybeans and chickpeas were filled into a baby bottle
station 2 - play "the price is right", i.e. guess the price of some baby items
station 3 - take a quiz with funny questions about baby-related things
station 4 - guess famous pregnant celebrities (see picture)
station 5 - guess grown-ups belonging to a series of cute baby pictures
each team would start at a different station, so that there would be no queues. when everyone was done, we re-convened in the living room to compare the results. as a prize, i had bought two gossip magazines. even though these prizes were meant as a joke, there was quite some discussion about the fair distribution of points to determine the winners!

all in all, this baby shower was great fun and i think the guests and my pregnant friends liked it. i definitely enjoyed planning it and hosting it, so i can only recommend it if you have any pregnant friends!!!!

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