Wednesday, 3 February 2010

LOST season 6 is out ;-)

the big day is finally here: the start of LOST SEASON SIX!!!!
while itunes is downloading the first episode, i'd like to say a few words:
it's been a long long wait since the last episode of season five, which was shown on the 13th of may 2009. i cannot believe that it's been this long!!! it was a hard having to worry about sawyer, saiid, juliet, kate, jack, lock and desmond for this long (and claire - where the hell is she???).... today i can look forward to an entire new season to watch, without yet being too sad about the fact that there will be no more lost after may this year.

so today is great day. for the next 86 minutes, i will forget that i have a life and live on an island with icebears, smoke-monsters, scientists and strange indigenous people. yay!

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