Tuesday, 28 September 2010

what's new?

I haven't posted in ages... it's been a busy year with lots of changes.

I've decided to put my scientific career on ice for a while and start med school. How come?
It's not that I did not like being a post-doc... I loved it: the research, the teaching, learning new things every day (or most days), the flexible working hours and lack of dress code. I love wearing sports clothes to work! What I did not love was being in a constant state of desperation. Desperation for publications, for producing results to put into publications, for experiments to work in order to get results, for a decent project that will let you do experiments that are interesting enough to get them published. See, it's a long chain of desperation, and after a while it is bound to get you down. Additionally, there is a lot of competition out there, and the success is not always distributed fairly. So I decided to take a detour away from science. Maybe (hopefully) I will come back to it one day, but if not, then I will be able to say that my job involves helping people on a really tangible level. If worst comes to worst, it's better to be a failed doctor than a failed scientist!

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  1. Ich finde es toll! Schliesslich wolltest Du das doch immer machen, nicht?! Also, ich drücke Dir die Daumen, wünsche Dir weiter viel Spass und Erfolg und liebe Grüße aus dem herbstlichen Wiesbaden. Florian